We Live Through Debt

How your childhood influences your relationship with money as an adult


I am blessed to still be friends with my primary school besties. In one of our girlie meetups, I told them about how as a child, I hated going to church on Sundays because all other kids in our church were always well dressed in nice shoes and beautiful, new clothes. I relied on hand-me-downs and it was quite a life-draining experience to watch one of my besties show up every Sunday in new shoes. She’d innocently tell me that her dad often travelled to Tanzania and would bring her new shoes and clothes. When I reminded her of this recently, she was in shock. She didn’t know that’s how it made me feel because in her world as a child, she was just delighted to have new clothes.


My mum was a primary school teacher. Educating my siblings and I was not the easiest thing, considering how little teachers’ pay is. Growing up I often overheard her complain about loan deductions on her payslip. I often wondered why this was a constant conversation over the years. Being a curious child, I asked mommy about it. ​’ Tuturagio ni loan ‘​ (We live through loans) was her reply.

Family money relationships

I was adopted at seven years of age in a family that had a total of seven kids, I included. When it comes to money, we had dramatic days, every day. Three times in a day my mom and her husband would rile at each other about money, that she was asking for too much and too often.

Yet another family money story

I have an uncle that I truly admire for his kindness and sacrifice. He single-handedly educated his kids, nephews and nieces, and also played a huge role in my education yet he never had formal education past standard six. He’s the kindest person I know. As long as he has, he keeps giving.

‘’No matter how tall your grandfather is, you have to do your own growing’’ ​African Proverb.

This is painfully applicable when it comes to adulthood and figuring out money. It’s tough, scary, nerve-racking, and takes time. The worst part? there’s no way to escape unless you’ve made peace with living with anxiety. I haven’t, and these introspective stories were my first steps in my liberation journey.



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