Living in the Clouds

A story on being real about your financial situation

“We are most vulnerable at two points in our lives. First, it’s when we’re without a lifemate. Second, is when we have lost our financial footing. He told me that these two weaknesses in Human Nature are the easiest to exploit.”

(Excerpt from Book of Pook Quotes)

Some claim that there are secrets to attract money. But it’s better to trust the old fashioned way; high savings, prudent investing and living below means.-D.Muthrukrishnan

We sometimes end up comparing our progress to theirs, and we end up editing our lives to fit in. Invest in financial education before anything else. Start with having basic knowledge of how people make money, how to read financial statements, inflation… Then have the curiosity to build on these. Aim to be at a mental space where you can confidently leave places where you feel out of place; places that you can’t afford to be. Then work consistently to afford the beautiful things in life that you so desire.



Your voice of reason before you blow all your money this weekend!

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