Investing in Stocks Demystified-Nairobi Securities Exchange

An easy 3-step process to get started at the NSE

“What you don’t know, you either fear or worship.”

I can’t remember which book I read it from and a quick Google search didn’t give me the name. It was stuck with me for most of 2018.

In owning stocks, we own businesses. These businesses have assets and create products. The value of those rise with inflation, providing a hedge against the falling value of the currency. This is especially true in times of low to moderate inflation. — Excerpt from A Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins

There’s always hope when you have friends who talk to you about money. I remember late 2018 when my friend asked me whether I’d ever thought of investing in the stock market.

  1. Verbal confidence
  2. Personal documents
  3. Money (an amount that’s nowhere close to 100K.)

I’ll give you an easy, step by step guide that I used…

You will need to identify a licensed stockbroker to register and open an account. Here is a list of all the licensed brokers. All you need to do is pick one, call them and ask them to give you their list of requirements.

  • ID copy
  • KRA pin
  • 2 coloured passport photos
  • 1 page of Bank or Mpesa statements
  • A filled application form-SIB will provide.

Let’s use an example:

Company: Longhorn Publishers

Stop thinking about what your money can buy. Start thinking about what your money can earn. And then think about what it earns can earn. — JL Collins



Your voice of reason before you blow all your money this weekend!

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