10 Money Lessons from Summiting Mt Kenya

10 money lessons from my Mt Kenya experience

1. Preparation

The more you save, the more secure you feel, and the bigger the investment opportunities you can take up

2. You are a brand

When it comes to money, trust is a big factor. That is why organizations spend billions in marketing trying to craft a narrative; trying to get you to trust them so that you can buy from them.

Leave a trail of trust, by paying what you owe.

With the exercise of self-trust, new powers shall appear. — Ryan Holiday

3. Prepare for emergencies

4. Take one step at a time

Saving a little each week or month, taking up one investment at a time.

Uncertainty and fear are relieved by authority. Training is authority. It’s a release valve. With enough exposure, you can adapt out those perfectly ordinary, even innate, fears that are bred mostly from unfamiliarity. Fortunately, unfamiliarity is simple to fix (again, not easy, which makes it possible to increase tolerance for stress and uncertainty. — Ryan Holiday

5. Don’t do it alone

6. Communication is key

There’s a saying in Latin: Vires acquirit eundo (We gather strength as we go) — Ryan Holiday

7. Breaking down the targets

8. Take breaks

See things for what they are.

Do what we can.

Endure and bear what we must.

What blocked the path is now a path. What once impeded action advances action.

The Obstacle is the Way. — Ryan Holiday

9. Admire the top, but be realistic about what you can achieve

10. Leave a legacy

One responsibility we all have when we have money is to take care of other people to the best of our ability. It’s not about hoarding it all for yourself.

The Germans have a word for it: Sitzfleish. Staying power. Winning by sticking your ass to the seat and not leaving until after it’s over. — Ryan Holiday



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Agatha from The Wealth Tribe

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